#WeWillRememberThem -Sign for Sikh War Memorial in central London


World Sikh News invites readers to join the campaign of British MP Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi for a National Sikh War Memorial in central London; sign and share on Facebook, Twitter and email the online petition #WeWillRememberThem.

#WeWillRememberThem. Spare a few moments and commemorate the memory of our forefathers who laid down their lives in distant lands with their full Sikh attire, with adherence to the Sikh faith and with a commitment to uphold the Sikh martial traditions.

World Sikh News appeals to readers to sign the online petition #WeWillRememberThem seeking a National Sikh War Memorial in central London. Readers are invited to share the petition on social media -Facebook, Twitter and Email.  Achieving the target of a hundred thousand will make a debate possible on the subject in the British Parliament.

Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi

British MP Tan Dhesi has initiated the internet petition #WeWillRememberThem, addressed to the British Prime Minister Theresa May and the London Mayor Sadiq Khan which solicits signatures because “Sikh soldiers exhibited extraordinary bravery and sacrifices in the service of Great Britain, including during both World Wars. Though Sikhs made up only 2% of the population of British India, they formed 20% of the British Indian Army during the First World War, and hundreds of thousands of Sikh soldiers saw active service during the two major wars and many other conflicts.”

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The Early Day Motion of Tan Dhesi has already gained support of 244 Members of Parliament, including political stalwarts across the party spectrum -the highest by any EDM so far in the current house of the British House of Commons.

Click NOW and sign the petition at #WeWillRememberThem.

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