Why you should not miss “The Black Prince”


Why should you not miss The Black Prince? Reviews from Manchester Film Festival and Toronto Film Festival give you enough reasons to see the film and collectively make it the “Sikh movie of the century.”

The Black Prince will be screened worldwide on 21 July. As WSN has said in its lead article, no one should miss it. You can watch it in English, Punjabi and Hindi.

With a bombardment of films every week in India, it is important for Sikhs and friends of Sikhs to understand the importance of viewing the movie The Black Prince.

It will help understand the history of the Last Maharaja of Punjab -Maharaja of Punjab, played by renowned singer Sartinder Sartaj and his mother Maharani Jinda, played by veteran actress Shabana Azmi.

The film screened at various film festivals across the globe last year, has received rave reviews with both Sikhs and others admiring the movie, the acting and the history that it unfolds.

It is remarkable to listen to an English viewer says that he felt a little ashamed at what the British monarchy did to the child Duleep Singh.

Watch the video of the Manchester Film Festival and the interview of Satinder Singh Sartaaj at the International Film Festival of South Asia in Toronto.

The Black Prince is your time to recall the honour and glory of the Sikhs, forgotten by the Sikhs and buried by those inimical to the Sikhs.

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